The Company


Idimon is an independent company of loss adjusters, which mainly activates in evaluation and settlement of claims of any kind.

The losses and the need for proper consideration enforce the presence of a loss adjuster. A loss adjuster is the key partner of the insurance companies, as it is the one, who comes into contact with the victim or the repairer to assess the damage.

The loss adjusters of Idimon offer consulting services, as well as, real solutions ; aimed at insurance companies, insurance agencies, legal persons of private or public law and private individuals. Our goal is the quality assessment and the reduce of the cost and of the recovery time in the common interest of the parties involved.

The executives of Idimon through their long experience, they have faced many difficult situations and accidents and they have responded directly giving the best and most reliable results.
They are scientifically trained and they have the necessary expertise for proper and efficient conduct of the affairs entrusted to us. Moreover, our experts are approved with the certification MQI. This is the Club Certified intermediary MQI, applying quality practices and organization across the spectrum of insurance mediation.

Within this context, our executives have received specialized, professional, academic education and training in the following areas:

  1. Loss Adjusting
  2. Risk Management
  3. Underwriting
  4. Insurance expert reports and surveys
  5. Legal framework for the insurance industry
  6. Certification of insurance agents

With profound knowledge of technology and constantly monitoring its progress, we offer services in the areas of management expertise and losses, which are distinguished for their high quality, technical integrity, directness and a competitive cost.

We support our activities in Greece through our extensive network of collaborators. Total quality, continuous innovation, and the humanistic approach is the key values in the assessment process, identifying and supporting any simple or complex damages.

Our objectives

The objective of Idimon is not a simple analysis – assessment of a damaged vehicle, but the detailed technical explanation of the causes of the required replacement parts, as well as, the analytical determination of the cost of a damage (work & prices of spare parts).


The executives of our company, with extensive experience in insurance legal frameworks and trained by the accredited MQI can handle any kind of settlement. Our effort is to resolve any damage as soon as possible, in order to reduce the economic cost for the mutual benefit of the parties involved.

One of the services offered by our company is the preemptive control. The expertise and experience held by the members of Idimon, can help the prospective buyer of a used vehicle, to choose correctly. We provide the buyer with credibility and written certification for the purchase to be made, after checks with the latest evaluation systems for used vehicles – vessels.

Furthermore, to emphasize the anthropocentric approach of Idimon we decided to devote more time to our customers regarding our support, along with our legal adviser till the final solution of their problems.