Space Tourism – A Joy Ride For the Global Super-Rich?


With its stunning views of the special info planet Earth and the cosmos space is a breathtaking destination to visit. Space tourism is a rapidly growing industry, but it is not without criticism. Some say that it is a marketing ploy for the super-rich, and that it will exacerbate the climate crisis.

Despite the cost, many companies are getting closer to making space travel possible. Companies like Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin and SpaceX are currently offering civilians the chance to fly into space via suborbital flights. The trips are not inexpensive – tickets are about $250,000 – and passengers will spend anywhere from a few hours to over a week at an altitude of approximately 300,000 feet.

These companies are competing against each other in order to draw customers in which is sure to bring about innovation throughout the industry. As technology advances, costs will fall and more people will be able to experience this exciting new method of travel.

The space industry is facing a number of major challenges such as safety and access. At present, space travel can only be afforded by wealthy people with millions of dollars to invest in trips. Some critics of the space tourism business ask why billionaire owners cannot make use of their wealth to fund other worthy causes, such as tackling climate change or ending world poverty.